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The business world never stands still, and neither should you. TIME offers a challenging academic environment that aims to create the leaders who shape the world. Our mission is to produce world-class leaders with the ability to view problems on a global scale, and to help managers single-out their objectives, and teach them to utilize an assortment of innovative solutions for their purpose. To achieve this we invest in the future of business by enabling the most talented students to receive a top-quality business education that goes beyond traditional MBA programs by additionally focusing on the use of innovation and small firms, and by allowing you to gain first hand practical experience and an INTERNSHIP in the Netherlands. Scholarships are available to the most talented candidates from all over the world. You will automatically be considered for a scholarship when you submit your TIME application.

TIME is an institution designed to look at things differently, constantly striving for excellence. At TIME you will engage with and be taught by some of the world’s best business teachers and experts, to help you reach your goals. Our experts go through a rigorous selection process and lecturers who fail to achieve their objectives cannot continue being members of the TIME family.

TIME is the only educational program in Southern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucuses to focus on: Startup Development, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Use of Innovation, Tech-Transfer, and Intellectual Property Protection. To achieve our mission the TIME curriculum focuses on core areas related to management and entrepreneurship theory, economics, as well as with current developments in various technology fields. These will be taught in a way which combines academic rigor with an awareness of practical aspects and skills so that graduates can apply their knowledge effectively. In detail the academic curriculum is modularised, being comprised of three modules:

• Business Economics and Quantitative Methods,
• Business, Management and Finance, and
• Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

with courses being taught in blocks of 2 weeks.

Having this valuable expertise and knowledge in the grasp of your fingers during your studies and for the rest of your career, you are equipped to fulfill your aspirations. We are clear about where we are going and how we are going to get there. Are you?




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